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WAX 2200
Chemical Name: N,N’ Ethylene Bis Oleamide;
                   N,N’— 亚足球直播网基双油酸酰胺
Abbrv: EBO
CAS NO:110-31-6

[Technical Data]

WAX 2200 Series
Color Value(Gardner) ≤6.0
Acid Value ,mg KOH/g ≤10.0
Total Amine Value ,mg KOH/g ≤6.0
Meting Range, 113~118
Finess,mesh 125
Apperarance White or light yellow

[Main Application]

Application Area Major Fuction Formulation of suggestions
●Modified Plastics

※Can be used as the anti-sticking agent such as PE, PP, PA and release agent, especially suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene film

※Used as anti-blocking agent and slip additive of EVA and PVC, especially suitable to be used as anti-blocking agent of EVA hot melt adhesive.

※In a lot of thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic as the internal and external lubricant

Recommended dosage is 0.5~2%
●PlasticsMaster Batch

※As a plastic masterbatch dispersant pigment, filler, such as polyolefin, ABS, PS masterbatch, engineering plastics, masterbatch

※To improve the melt index of plastic masterbatch and downstream products surface brightness

Recommended dosage is 0.5~2%.
●Other Purposes

※Rubber/elastomer, used as adhesive, dispersant and release agent

※Adhesive with antisticking agent, release agent

Recommended dosage is 0.5~2%.

The products are packed in kraft bags and PE inner lining, 25kg/bag.

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