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WAX 2300series

WAX 2300 series is a kind of special custom lubricant. According to the requirements of the plastic formula, processing machine and process adjustment, in order to meet the needs of different users


White or light yellow coarse powder, granule


1.Later period before both inside and outside lubrication, the recommended dosage is not spray frost, not precipitation, has a good stability;
2. Each composition compatible, tie-in use multiplication effect;
3. To overcome the traditional single slip agent processing trouble and performance, with added safety.
4. Meet the needs of the plastics processing and application of special function, such as high temperature resistance, etc.)

[Main Application]

WAX 2300 series Application field
WAX 2300A Wood plastic special lubricants series
WAX 2300B The smooth agent series plastic openings
WAX 2300C PVC special lubricants series
WAX 2300D Biodegradable plastic special lubricants series
WAX 2300E Rubber special lubricants series
WAX 2300F High temperature resistant lubricants series
WAX 2300G Other special lubricants series

The products are packed of kraft bags and PE inner lining, 20kg/bag or 25kg/bag.


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