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Polyolefin film of oleic acid amide and the effectiveness of erucic acid amide
Release time2013-8-31  viewed511
Due to the high of polyolefin film processing when the coefficient of friction between each other or between the film and the processing equipment, prone to sticking.
Slip agents can improve the surface properties of polyolefin film to reduce friction (on the reel), films and other friction contact surface between the film and the film.
So slippery agent can:
It helps to improve the manufacturing speed reduces the coefficient of friction CoF, improving the packaging machine speed.
Slip effect is used to describe parallel to each other between the film surface or the surface to the bottom of the slip.
To increase the yield of the machine, to improve the packaging technology, the polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) film processing, in order to reduce friction (film - the film between the film and the friction - the friction between the processing equipment) Join octadecane amide, oleic acid amide and erucic acid amide slip agent.
Characterized by the coefficient of friction CoF slip effect.


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